See the attached Anagraph. In April , the US Army Air Forces decided to conduct an evaluation of the various fighter aircraft in development and use, in order to eliminate the least desirable models. In the meantime, flight tests of the XP prototype were not progressing smoothly. CW 2 CW Demon. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This modification was redesignated XPE. Posted August 3, edited.

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The XP prototype was then converted into a x; test airframe for the XP Curtiss aircraft United States fighter aircraft — Single-engined tractor aircraft Low-wing aircraft Cancelled military aircraft projects of the United States Aircraft first flown in Posted August 1, In the meantime, flight tests of the XP prototype were not progressing smoothly.

Curtiss was requested to have the XPE participate. Considering delivery delays of quantities of the Packard-built Merlin engines due to its use in other fighters, the use of a turbo-supercharged Allison V engine was considered in its place.


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Posted August 3, Would you like that plane in the WT? Posted November 21, I see this aircraft as another possible premium cash cow that I we definetly buy to add to my collection. In Januarythe XPE was flown to Eglin Field for official trials, where Army Air Force pilots found that x; did not compare favorably to contemporary aircraft designs.

The more aircraft the merrier! United States Army Air Forces. Learn how your comment data is processed. When Curtiss expressed the desire to abandon further work on the P series, the Army Air Forces insisted upon completion of one of the two aircraft in production.

Posted February 15, In the event, due to various issues, the XPC performed poorly, resulting in reduction of the production run of aircraft to two aircraft.


CW 2 CW Demon. Aircraft produced by Curtiss and Curtiss-Wright. None of these versions reached production.

The aircraft’s flying characteristics were found to be generally satisfactory. Judging by the X in the name, it should be a premium.

Curtiss P – Wikipedia

His main focus is the architecture behind hosting larger Financial and Business Intelligence application infrastructures, along with the database technologies to keep them all online. In the meantime, Curtiss installed a Merlin 61 engine in the original XP, and after enlarging the vertical tail surface this aircraft was redesignated XPD.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Curtiss XP This aircraft flew on 13 July and was 60w delivered to Ea Field. Views Read Edit View history.

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Five all converted into new variants [1]. On 27 Januarythe XPC flew for the first time, powered by an 60w engine with contra-rotating propellers. I know they are planned but I haven’t seen them yet.