PID hash table entries: Lu introduced a new kernel memory allocator that alleviated many of these memory problems. Comment 7 Frantisek Kluknavsky So, for example, sg22orig. ReaR recovery iso image fails to boot on ibm powervm lpar Environment: For reference, my configuration usually looks like:

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To me, it appears that things believe they are running. No such file or directory Running migrate-network-devices. Mount-cache hash teneric entries: CPU maps initialized for 4 threads per core.

bsg, block layer sg []

Freeing unused kernel memory: Poking around, but I would be surprised off-hand given that there’s no real discussion on the mailing list. Also, many SANs nowadays have flash copy or easy back up functions built in, making the need for an external tool redundant.

Found initrd at 0xc This site lyaer JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it.

Below is console output of trying to boot a ReaR iso for recovery and where is stops All recent scwi user space packages i. See this page for more details.

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This is the accepted answer. Attached scsi generic sg3 type 5 [root precisionkvm audit] grep -v success audit.

Note that the subversion revision number stops increasing in the ChangeLog once a release has been made, and a new blcok will appear at the top of the ChangeLog when revisions are committed for the next release. Cannot open SCSI driver! Initializing cgroup subsys freezer. Comment 4 Frantisek Kluknavsky Scatter gather is also a lot more “kernel friendly”.

bsg, block layer sg

With the new driver a buffer is reserved for each file descriptor guaranteeing that at least that buffer size will be available for each request on the file descriptor. Are you using any virtualization? Log in to reply. IOMMU table initialized, virtual merging enabled.

Linux source code: block/bsg.c (v) – Bootlin

This new driver has a super-set of the original interface and the semantics of the implementation are very similar. The original driver was written by Lawrence Foard in and remained unchanged for several years. Timings for direct and indirect IO as used by sg ; these are old and should be updated. Answered question This question has been answered. Hence many programs can use primary device nodes e. The term SCSI has several meaning depending on the context.


It would be bock to hear from people who use the package and what they think. No such file or directory. The maintainers are designing ways to make it better, but most users of REAR likely don’t have SANs, so there is a limited test pool for them. Login [x] Log in using an account from: Also found at that location is the lsscsi mirror. If required, “make common” will produce the scssi that will work on the whole lk 2.

What’s your connectivity to the terminal information you’ve shown?

So, for example, sg22orig.