I did test them on various locations, medium PAs. I’ve had my UA for about 6 or 7 years now, never had any probs with it. Go with Sonar 8. The UA delivers exceptional audio capabilities on 10 separate channels via a wide variety of connections, offering high quality microphone preamps using premium analog components. MOTU or Edirol midi interface? Sort by most recent most useful. The maximum recorded so far is 11 tracks Stros simultanment read without cracking or clik buffers with one-third the size max there are margin!

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Installs in 5 minutes!

This card is the foot. No one, fortunately there are forums.

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In case one ediorl, I’ll have the other one. I go in after the volume of my guitar and I play. One can add that in terms edirkl design, it is a beautiful machine. I don’t edirol ua 1000 why Roland abandoned this one fortunately they’re still updating the driversbut I guess it has something to do with the Edirol UAwhich was the half-rack version of the UA, which in became the Cakewalk UA Super versatile and for the money it has great converters Edirol ua 1000 and a really steady clock.

I am slowly building a home studio in the basement of my parents house with the help of my dad, who is also a musician.

No incompatibility PIV 2. I do not know if they are updated regularly, but because it works, I do not care A little more for its looks really great!

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eedirol By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. RAS everything is perfect They are often updated? Efirol am looking to eventually build some of those seventh circle pre’s with edirol ua 1000 dad cause I am very meticulous about my guitar tones so I am not worried about interface pre’s.

My favorite is the side you plug nickel and it works the first time. What software do you use most often? Even if you are brand new to installing interfaces or if you are purchasing your first interface, this could be the perfect one for you. The manual is in English, but personally, I did not open By using our services, you agree edirol ua 1000 our edirol ua 1000 of cookies.

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Knowing what 100 know now, would you make the same choice? The quality of the preamps is very good, there’s more but we begin to approach the stuff “pro” a word often overused In retrospect I could have saved myself euros and a lot of problems involving Firewire. High quality mic pre-amps, Built in ediro, mixer, Independent outputs on 8 channels, Nicely configured driver software.

Log in Become a member. I have never had a problem, I recorded a edirol ua 1000 tracks of 10 batteries 48 KHz 24 bits the 96 KHz no point to my eyes ears with 15 tracks read smoothly and without lag The technical love me more attractive edirol ua 1000 the four preamps Dtd roland cut to high-end brand.

This may be a dtail but The ping-pong based edirol ua 1000 the instructions for the other product,” he tired quickly. By sliding the following button, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For the rest, as nophyte audio, and discovering together the map and software squenceur, even when I have a little bav edirol ua 1000 run the whole Fawn stable. The UA delivers exceptional audio capabilities on 10 separate channels via a wide variety of connections, offering high 1000 microphone preamps using premium analog components.


Properties Number of Recording Tracks. Yes but the base models. We got an Edirol UA as our interface at the moment which I don’t know much about and I edirol ua 1000 like to know your opinions on it. The mic-pre’s are professional grade for any project out there. Deplus, if you move from one PC to another, uaa card keeps edirol ua 1000 all settings.