Unless you plan to do all handwriting or dictation, an external keyboard for the P is a must. You can even return to your desk after a meeting and highlight the writing in Journal to have the tablet recognize it and turn it into text. Bottom Line We can’t say enough good things about this mini-convertible ultraportable. You’ll want to sit directly in front of the display and angle it for best viewing. The PD display is bright, but appears a bit washed out in contrast.

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Just as we discussed in regards to the rather small display size, this tiny keyboard is another trade off for a miraculously fujitsu p1510d notebook size.

Windows XP Tablet Features Handwriting recognition, digital ink fujitsu p1510d, voice dictation and voice command are built into the tablet operating system.

Tap or hover, depending on your preference setting with fujitsu p1510d pen, and you’ll see a little icon appear. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies. We were able to run MobileMarkwhich generated a less-than-average score of 2: An attractive price for a Tablet at this size.

Since Fujitsu fujitsu p1510d the PD’s predecessors fujitsu p1510d the resistive touch screen in the days before Windows XP Tablet Edition existed, let alone mainstream consumer tablets, they went with this technology. Fujitsu Computer Systems Corp. In addition, the pen is a little too small for writing long passages.

Still, in our opinion, both are less than ideal. The P pays more attention than the P to security by adding a fingerprint reader next to the screen, and it’s tied to the TPM Trusted Platform Modulewhich serves as a hardware safe for passwords fujitsu p1510d encrypted keys. We used SuperPI to calculate the number Pi to 2 Million digits in this raw number crunching benchmark.

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The Fujitsu has two USB 2. Visit our network of sites: The screen’s viewing angle is very limited. The graphics are head and shoulders above the PD’s predecessors some of which had as little as 8 megs of video ram fujitsu p1510d a few iterations back and this is indeed a capable notebook that offers similar graphics performance to 15″ notebooks with integrated graphics.

Processor and Performance Benchmarks.

LIFEBOOK P1510D Notebook PC

Really the only difference fujitsu p1510d a user might notice is the software configuration for the Super Atheros cards is a bit more complicated fujitsu p1510d the Intel Pro Wireless cards. That said, text is indeed readable, albeit smaller than what you’ll see on conventional notebooks. Battery ufjitsu user replaceable. Though the Libretto is just a bit smaller, the Fujitsu’s touch screen and more usable display and keyboard make it one of the coolest and most usable pieces of technology we’ve seen.

The keyboard, though small, is quite usable after fujitsu p1510d day’s adjustment period and it’s a full fujitsu p1510d with a dedicated number row, Fn key row and four arrow keys. You’ll want to sit directly in front of the display and angle it for best viewing.

Fujitsu LifeBook P Notebook Specs – CNET

Using this keyboard over extended periods of time could contribute to an eventual trip under the knife of a neurosurgeon. In regards to the small display size, this pixel flaw was an fujitsu p1510d at the very least. If you need and want one fujitsu p1510d the lightest notebooks on the market, don’t want to compromise on fujitsuu and find the Tablet features useful, the PD should be on your shortlist despite a few shortcomings lack of an optical drive, poor viewing angle and fujitsu p1510d the most colorful and sharp display.


Given the device’s small size and small standard battery, that’s respectable. The simple fact is that an 8. The rotating hinge feels solid enough to endure long-term usage. However to have a portable computer with this remarkable size, there is indeed a trade-off.

Should you be clear-voiced, patient and dictate in quiet fujotsu, you may make some use of this feature. Fujitsu p1510d in size to the Toshiba Libretto U 2.

The touch screen is convenient and you need not use a special pen. If you prefer ink writing for fast note taking, Windows Journal, which is included with every XP Tablet allows you to write fujitsu p1510d virtual sheets of paper. Tap on the TIP to open it up and start writing.

The fingerprint scanner, TPM and Fujitsu security software ensure fujitsu p1510d only your fingers can boot Windows and access sensitive data.