A sturdy aluminum base reduces risk of slipping. This can lead to neck, shoulder and elbow pain and discomfort. RollerWave2 allows a longer and smoother transition from your desk to your mouse and keyboard. Integrated palm supports cushion the palms and provide relief for the wrists and forearms during keyboard typing and rollerbar navigation movements. A slider switch on the bottom of the unit may be used to adjust the click force.

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Additional information Weight 2. I realize this is difficult to envision, but you will quickly understand if you rollermouse pro try it. Keyboard risers are inserted at the back of the unit to provide height and create an ideal transition between keyboard and mouse.

The elimination of flexing your fingers to grip the rollermouse pro avoids compression through the carpal tunnel. Swapping out the palm rest is no trivial task.

RollerMouse Pro2 – Contour Design

The available driver is only required if you want to reprogram the RollerMouse Pro2. This is convenient, but it can rollermouse pro mean more time spent cleaning — particularly if you work in a grimy environment or often eat rollermouse pro your desk.

Any crumbs and dust tend to accumulate under the open part of the track instead, and that section can easily be rollermouse pro for cleaning with a wadded paper towel. Yes Clickable Scroll Wheel: Increments are and dpi. For those who desire greater customization options, a downloadable driver is available for Mac or PC which allows user-specified actions for each button. The Ergo Keyboard Mat is designed to support ergonomic keyboards in need of a flat surface when working with the RollerMouse Pro2.


Ambidextrous rollermouse pro is encouraged and easily accomplished, to an even greater degree than with the rollermouse pro RollerMouse Pro2, as the rollerbar of the Free2 is substantially longer. RollerMouse Pro2 can work in two modes. Repetitive overreaching will often lead to tightness and pain in the neck, shoulder and elbow areas. The Ergo Keyboard Mat is designed to address the incompatibility of the Keyboard Lifters with certain ergonomic keyboards.

RollerMouse Pro2

Pgo leatherette wrist support runs the length of the incline rollermouse pro the unit. Tactile Replaceable Wrist Rests: Another good example is the rollerbar tension control.

These tabs are quite tricky. The default mode that the Rollermouse Pro2 ships in is ‘Pro Mouse’ mode.

RollerMouse Pro3 – Contour Design

RM-PRO2 – various colour models. This is simply a thick rubber mat cut rollermouse pro fit rollermouse pro the rollermuose plastic dock, providing an even surface for ergo keyboards such as the Kinesis Freestyle V3 to sit on.

The RollerMouse Pro2’s rollermouse pro feature rolpermouse the ‘rollerbar’, a cylindrical trackball with an optical sensor of to dpi. Asymmetrical reaching with one side of your body and not the other causes your muscle groups to compensate for the weight of your extended arm rollermouse pro reaching for a traditional mouse.


The RollerWave accessory replaces the built-in palm rest. The RollerMouse Pro2 has 2 different cursor speed settings selected rollermouse pro a switch on the underside of the unit. Click with Any Finger – Use any finger to click on the rollerbar, unlike most mice which can lead to trigger finger as only the index finger is able to generate left clicks. Black, Silver, or White. Ergo Keyboard Mat Accessory: Personally Rollermouse pro like rollernouse a bit closer, but not everyone will rollermouse pro this way.

These supports can be removed for cleaning, or when not needed. The scroll wheel is slicker, making it easier to use and navigate across the page. However, if preferred, you rollegmouse switch the mode to ‘Standard Mouse’ mode.

The Pro rollerbar is a different story.